Accessing the AssetTrack Web Interface

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Accessing the AssetTrack Server web interface

AssetTrack Server is accessible via Internet Explorer version 6 or later. To open AssetTrack, use the following URL. Change the server name to the name of the server on which AssetTrack is installed:


If you're not able to successfully access AssetTrack Server, please see the Troubleshooting AssetTrack Server Installation article.

Uploading your license key

The first time you access AssetTrack with your web browser, you will be required to upload a license key.

To upload your license:

  1. Click the Browse button
  2. Locate the license file on your hard drive or network
  3. Click Open
  4. Press Upload new license to upload and apply your license key.
Caution Note
If you do not have a valid AssetTrack license key file, contact an AMI Sales representative to obtain a license.

Saving your initial configuration

After uploading your license key file on a newly installed AssetTrack Server, you will be taken to the AssetTrack Server Settings page. You can opt to accept the default server configuration, or make specific server configuration changes. See Configuring AssetTrack Server for details on each configuration setting

To save the default configuration, scoll to the bottom of the Settings page and click Save Settings.

Logging in

After saving initial server configuration settings, AssetTrack Server will restart and you will be presented the login screen:

Enter the username and password provided by your administrator. This is the same username and password you would use to access AssetTrack Mobile.

Default Administrator Username and Password

AssetTrack security

When you install AssetTrack using the AssetTrack setup program and select AssetTrack security, a default administrator account is created with the following username and password:

Caution Caution
You should change the default administrator account and password immediately after installing AssetTrack to prevent unauthorized access to your system. See Managing User Accounts for instructions on how to change user accounts.

Windows security

When you install AssetTrack using the AssetTrack setup program and select Windows security, the user that is logged into the domain when initially configuring the server is given Administrative access to the system. You can use the Console to create additional users.

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